How to Secure Your Garage Door

Your garage door is likely the largest moving element of your home, making it a key entrance and exit. While it may seem like your home is secure whenever the garage door is closed, there are still important steps you should take to ensure your garage door is properly secured. Without properly securing your garage door, it can serve as an easy access point for unwanted intruders.

Keep Your Garage Door Closed

While this may seem like a simple first step, keeping your garage door closed is the best way to keep prying eyes out. This helps minimize the amount of time passersby may have opportunities to peer inside and decide if they want to come back later or take advantage of an unattended garage. Additionally, if you have windows on your garage door, you may want to consider obscuring the view through those windows so individuals on the outside can’t look inside.

Use a Locking System & Automatic Opener

Simply closing your garage door is a good first step, but it’s not going to provide you with the complete garage door security you need. In addition to keeping the contents of your garage out of sight, you’ll also want to use garage door security locks to keep people from being able to open the garage door themselves. You may also want to consider having an automatic garage door opener installed, which offers better security for your home. Consider a garage door opener with smart functionality that allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere via a smartphone app.

Use a Security System

A security system can also help reinforce the security of your garage door. These systems typically include a sensor that detects when the door is opened or closed. Additionally, systems may include motion-activated lights and a security camera that can help detect and record anyone trespassing on your property in or around your garage.

Keep Your Garage Doors Maintained

Proper maintenance is also essential to garage door security. If your garage door isn’t functioning properly, doesn’t close all the way, or can’t be locked or secured, you’re also leaving your home at risk. Your best option is to turn to the professionals for regular garage door maintenance and tune-ups. And, if you need your garage door repaired, getting these repairs addressed promptly is also your best choice for ensuring garage door security at your home.

Turn to the Professionals

If you’re unsure about your garage door security, you can always turn to the professionals. At AGS - Home Services, we proudly offer garage door security locks, garage door openers, and garage door service and repairs that can help improve the security of your garage and home. You can rely on our professionals to assess the condition of your garage door, make recommendations based on your needs and preferences, and provide you with any garage door products or services you need to enhance your garage door security.

To learn more about how to secure a garage door or for assistance finding the garage door security options that will best suit your needs, contact AGS - Home Services today.