Garage Door Maintenance Tips

A garage door involves numerous parts and components that work together to allow the door to open and close. As a large moving structure, your garage door should be properly maintained and cared for to ensure its safety and functionality. Whether you have a series of garage doors as part of your commercial property or a single garage door for your home, here are some important garage door maintenance tips that you should be aware of.

Perform a Visual Inspection of Your Garage Doors

A good first step for any garage door maintenance is a visual inspection. You’ll want to take a thorough look at every element of your garage door, including the door itself, the tracks, springs, rollers, garage door opener, and more. Examine all of the hardware and different components to check for damage, worn-down parts, and other forms of deterioration to identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Check the Functionality of Your Garage Doors

You’ll also want to check that your garage doors are operating properly. If you have a garage door opener, check that it’s properly opening and closing the garage door. You’ll want to ensure that the door isn’t opening and closing too quickly or slowly, that there aren’t any strange grinding or creaking sounds while the door is in motion, and that it opens and closes all the way.

Replace Batteries, Bulbs & Any Worn Garage Door Parts

If you have garage door openers that rely on batteries, have any lightbulbs in the operator, or have other worn-down parts, you’ll want to replace these regularly. By being proactive about replacing batteries and light bulbs, you can prevent a situation in the future where your car is stuck in the garage or you’re left in the dark with this garage door opener maintenance step. Additionally, any worn springs, rollers, or cables can be replaced before they give way altogether as part of proper garage door maintenance.

Service Your Garage Door Components

In addition to replacing worn-down components, you can extend the lifespan of certain garage door parts by servicing them regularly. This may include tightening the chain or belt if there’s any slack and spraying penetrating oil on springs and other hardware so that they can operate at their best.

Clean Your Garage Door

Another important garage door maintenance tip is to clean your garage door. Keeping it clean and clearing away dust and debris that may have accumulated on certain parts of your garage door system can help ensure your garage door looks and performs at its best.

Turn to a Professional Garage Door Company

The most important garage door maintenance tip is to never attempt any tasks that you’re unsure of. If you’re not comfortable taking apart components of the garage door to service them or are unsure of what parts may or may not need to be replaced, it’s best to turn to the professionals to perform your garage door maintenance.

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