Roof Repair Services in Denton, TX

AGS - Home Services can keep the roof over your head safe and secure for years to come. Our team of talented technicians based in Denton, TX knows how to resolve a full range of problems that could be affecting your roof, from minor concerns like roof leaks to major problems like structural damage and everything in between.

Whether you have damage from a storm or just routine trouble from aging over time, give our team a call to repair your roof quickly and for a fair price too. Learn more about the most common roofing repairs we perform below.

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The most common type of roofing in Texas is shingles, and while this material has many advantages, it can also suffer from issues over time. Here are some of the most common signs of trouble that shingles exhibit that warrant addressing.


Curled shingles can be a sign of moisture damage or excess heat. Either way, they should be repaired or replaced. 


Shingles can simply bend to the point of breaking, leaving areas of your roof exposed. In these situations, removing the damaged shingle and putting a new one on it a must.

Loss of Granules

Granules are a part of shingles that, like the treads on tires, are paramount to their function. If you see balding shingles on your roof, they should be replaced.

Lifting from Roof

If your shingles separate from the roof, they can leave entryways for moisture. 

There are also these more severe situations that can happen to your roof in general, including:

Holes in Your Roof

If your roof has a hole in it, it is an emergency that needs immediate repair. Contact us to stop dangerous roof leaks right away.

Structural Damage

Bowing in your roof can be an unsafe situation that leads to entire house problems. Reach out to us if you see any dips or bowing in your roof.