Greenbelt Park Denton – A Relaxing Nature Paradise in Denton, TX

Situated just a few minutes from Denton, Greenbelt Park is the perfect spot to explore nature and take in its beauty. All who visit this beloved park will find enjoyment — travelers can take on an exciting biking or horseback riding journey along one of its 20-mile trails, or they can dive deeper into the area with amazing hiking trips featuring unforgettable views! No matter your preference or activity level, this park has something special for you.

At the park, no matter your preference for outdoor activities – whether you wish to get wet or stay dry – there is a multitude of experiences awaiting discovery. From kayaking and fishing excursions to immersive adventures, all the necessary equipment can be rented at our well-stocked marina! And if it’s nature in its purest state that beckons, picturesque hiking trails are available nearby. So why not take advantage today?

About Greenbelt Park Denton

Whether you’re a hiker, biker, horseback rider, or simply looking to take in the beauty of nature, Greenbelt Park in Denton is the perfect place for your next adventure. This 11-mile trail situated near both Lake Lewisville and Ray Roberts offers multiple uses that are sure to provide an enjoyable experience no matter what activity you choose!

Inhabitants of Denton County look forward to the opportunity for a reprieve from everyday life, and this tranquil path running along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River provides such an escape just off US 380 and FM 428. Whether you prefer taking in nature by foot or by bike, traversing this trail is sure to be a captivating experience!

Maximize your outdoor excursion and embark on an unforgettable journey with a canoe or kayak. The maintained trails, restrooms, waste bins, and free parking near the entrance make it easier than ever to begin exploring! Enjoy nature in its fullest form while you breathe in the fresh air around you – there’s nothing quite like taking advantage of all that awaits outdoors.

Construction of the Greenbelt began in 1972, but it was more than 20 years before public access finally opened to the public. Federal budget cuts, contractor issues, and municipal displeasure with the lease agreements stalled work and caused many delays. 

Other Places to Visit Near Greenbelt Park Denton

The Greenbelt Corridor Trail is a popular North Texas hike and bike path that runs along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River from Lake Lewisville at its southern tip to Ray Roberts Lake at its northern end. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department manages this trail and offers abundant views and wildlife.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life by taking a leisurely stroll or an invigorating bike ride along this beautiful trail. Its relatively flat terrain allows for effortless walking, making it ideal for hikers and cyclists alike. Enjoy some fresh air while soaking up nature’s beauty!

Take a break during your journey and bask in the beauty of The Cherry Orchard! This outdoor art gallery is perfect for recharging, inspiring creativity, and leaving you with an unforgettable experience. Along with its tranquil atmosphere, it boasts gorgeous benches and chairs that will surely captivate you from the moment you arrive. Let go of stressors for a while to indulge in everything this stunning place has to offer—it’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your heart!

If you’re looking for a stunning spot to enjoy outdoor pastimes such as cycling, jogging, and walking, then Denton County’s Greenbelt is the ideal destination. This lush haven offers convenient access to an array of parks and trails; it truly sets itself apart from all other locations in the area!

Interesting Things to Do in Greenbelt Park Denton

Denton is a small city outside Dallas with plenty of things to do. Whether you’re a Mean Green football team fan or love spending time outdoors, there’s something for everyone in this charming, rural town. 

Make the most of your day in Denton by embarking on a journey through the Greenbelt Corridor. This picturesque trail follows along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, intertwining between Lake Lewisville and Lake Ray Roberts – all managed under Texas Parks and Wildlife supervision.

Embark on an enthralling journey down the Greenbelt Corridor, where you will find yourself surrounded by verdant forests and winding trails that follow a river brimming with wildlife. Take in scenes of armadillos, deer, squirrels, and other charming creatures as you explore this picturesque hiking route.

How to Go to Greenbelt Park Denton

If you are looking for a nearby destination that offers an abundance of entertainment, look no further than Greenbelt Park in Denton! As soon as you arrive, you can begin your journey on one of the many trails where breathtaking views await. On top of that, if miniature railroads are more your thing, then take a delightful ride without having to go far since it is accessible from any part of town!

To kick off your exploration of the Greenbelt, follow Highway 380 towards its eastern edge, where you will find the invitingly paved four-mile-long Greenbelt Corridor Trail. Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, or hiker – regardless of experience level – all are welcome here to enjoy the wonder and beauty that awaits!