Little Elm Park

Little Elm Park in Little Elm, TX, is a stunning recreational park situated on the shores of Lake Lewisville. It offers captivating views and plenty of amenities, such as an outdoor pool, playgrounds, picnic spots, pavilions, and trails; there is something for everyone to enjoy! Not only does it provide visitors with a tranquil ambiance to explore its beach side area but also offers various activities that are sure to create lasting memories full of fun. Explore this majestic oasis today; you won’t regret it.

The park offers a wealth of amenities to enjoy, such as a playground, a Pavilion with a grill and an Amphitheater for entertainment; tent camping, boat ramp access, and swim beach fun; athletic fields ideal for team sports; trails perfect for biking or walking, plus picnic areas and sand volleyball courts. Please bear in mind that bookings are required if you are looking to use either the pavilion or amphitheater facilities, while fees do also apply when renting a boat. Tent camping is available only within designated spots as well – but again, there may be applicable charges related thereto.

If you wish to make the most of your visit to this park, be sure to observe the following regulations. Grills provided by the park are compulsory for use; no other cooking tools or grilling equipment are permitted due to potential fire hazards. Additionally, there are allocated locations around the park for swimming and playing sports that must be adhered to. With these guidelines followed accordingly, everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time.

Apart from that, the park takes safety and preservation seriously. For this reason, glass containers or any form of glassware are strictly prohibited; if broken, they can produce hazardous shards that could cause harm to those visiting the park. In addition, glass does not naturally break down like other materials and can eventually end up in the soil or water systems of the park. For this reason, Little Elm Park has imposed a strict no-glass rule to protect everyone there and preserve its natural ecosystem.

All amplified sound devices, such as radios, speakers, and boomboxes, are strictly prohibited in the park as they may disturb others. Furthermore, alcohol is not allowed on any of its pathways or trails for safety reasons.

For the safety of park visitors and staff, loitering on sidelines or in parking lots is not allowed. Loitering can cause overcrowding, which could result in physical conflict if individuals get too close to one another. Everyone is reminded to abide by this rule for a safe and secure experience at the park.

Additionally, visitors with dogs must keep their pups on leashes to ensure that other guests are not disturbed. Moreover, swimming is prohibited for all pets and their waste should be disposed of properly in order to maintain a clean environment.

Before visiting the park, visitors should also remember to consider these things:

To ensure the safety of everyone during this pandemic, social distancing is a must. As such, we strongly encourage visitors to maintain an ample distance from others at all times; ideally 6 feet or even farther apart if possible. Let’s work together to keep everyone safe and healthy.

To ensure the safety of visitors, staff, and the preservation of resources and park property, large gatherings are not allowed. We prioritize public access for all visitors while protecting both natural environments and human health; respecting the size limits set by local or state regulations is integral in doing so.

If you or anyone else in your party is exhibiting any signs of illness, such as a fever, difficulty breathing, coughing, or exhaustion, DO NOT enter the park. This precautionary measure is essential for maintaining the wellbeing and safety of others present at the park. If sickness occurs during a visit to the location, it is strongly advised that you leave immediately and seek medical care promptly.

To ensure a safe and secure visit for all visitors, the park has instituted certain guidelines that must be followed, such as wearing face coverings both indoors and outdoors when around people from external households. Additionally, throughout the year there are various activities, including free concerts, festivals, and even organized sports leagues for all ages to enjoy. The park provides an ideal setting in which family members or friends can come together while enjoying Mother Nature’s tranquility.

Visiting the park during the summer is an unparalleled experience. The weather is simply perfect; sun-drenched days full of warmth and sparkle make every step in this paradise a one-of-a-kind journey! Although open all year round, nothing compares to basking in the blissful summer months at this gorgeous place.