Doubletree Ranch Park – Newest Place to Visit in Highland Village, TX

The DuVall family ranch in Highland Village, TX, hides a mysterious secret—it was the favorite hideaway of Sam Bass, one of America’s most notorious outlaws. Nestled among picturesque rolling hills, with plenty of parking and outdoor tables for picnicking or relaxing beneath the sun. There is so much more to Doubletree Ranch Park than meets the eye!

Today, the city has unveiled a stunning new park with numerous amenities: a one-mile hiking path, family picnic areas and pavilions, and an expansive lawn area perfect for outdoor activities such as soccer or other sports and games. Additionally, there is also a splash pad which is big enough for older kiddos to keep everyone cool on hot days as well as a convenient concession stand offering snacks and refreshments! 

About the place

Highland Village is an alluring destination for families wishing to explore its history and appreciate its exquisite beauty. Boasting the Hoosier Prairie State Nature Preserve, Wicker Memorial Park’s 18-hole golf course, and 3 miles of trails with playgrounds at Doubletree Ranch Park, there are countless activities that will keep tourists enthralled time after time! From picnic spots to walking paths, this picturesque village has something for everyone; come discover what it can offer you and your family today!

An ideal spot to make unforgettable memories with your family, Doubletree Ranch Park in Highland Village offers a plethora of exciting activities! Boasting a splash pad, hiking trail, and picnic area—this park has something for everyone. So don’t wait any longer; head out to this gorgeous destination today!

With multiple events for locals and out-of-towners throughout the year, this area always offers something to do. Whether you are a resident or just visiting, there is no shortage of entertainment and lively activity here!

For over fifty years, Highland Village, TX, has been synonymous with extravagance. With its exquisite floor plans and proximity to two vibrant cities—Dallas and Fort Worth—it’s no surprise that families yearn for the opportunity to reside in this affluent city, one that is replete with grandeur yet still offers a remarkable sense of security. 

The Doubletree Ranch has become a treasured landmark in Highland Village, TX. Not only is it beloved by nearby residents, but it also draws visitors from far-away lands! Situated on the south side of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, this park offers an urban paradise: playgrounds and sports fields for kids to run around; a waterpark giving adults some fun times; and even a zoo populated with remarkable creatures! It’s no surprise that people flock here year-round—come explore its charm today!

Craving an action-packed day with the family or an enjoyable night of entertainment? Doubletree Ranch has it all and more at prices that won’t drain your wallet! Looking for a weekend getaway without spending too much money? Look no further than here – you can have your cake and eat it too!

What to Do in Doubletree Ranch Park

Round up your family to experience a memorable day at Doubletree Ranch Park! From non-stop fun at the splash pad, leisurely picnicking, and strolling around the tranquil pond, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, take advantage of our walking trails and pavilions designed for private events – it is an ideal location for any celebration or gathering. Make sure you visit Doubletree Ranch Park today! 

Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Highland Village Park this summer and experience the beauty of Texas weather! Take a relaxing walk along winding trails, cool off with the splash pad’s refreshing mist, or even rent out their remarkable barn. All your cravings will be satisfied when you stop at The Flour Shop concession stand for snacks such as popcorn and nachos! And last but not least, make sure to keep an eye on their comprehensive calendar; it’s always packed with something special going on throughout each season!

Where to Stay in Doubletree Ranch Park

Highland Village Parks recently welcomed the magnificent Doubletree Ranch Park, boasting extraordinary amenities for visitors of all ages. From a ripple-filled pond with giant emeralds to a splash pad and winding walking trail, this verdant paradise is sure to provide hours of delightful entertainment. Don’t forget your kite! An ode to the Rogue River ties it all together; spread out a blanket and bask in its beauty.

How to Get to Doubletree Ranch Park

If you’re searching for the perfect getaway to bring your family closer together, Doubletree Ranch Park in Highland Village, TX, is an ideal destination! From spray pads and sprawling fields with stunning views that provide a tranquil atmosphere for adults to plenty of open space for children to explore—there’s something here at this magnificent park for everyone to enjoy. So why not come and experience it today?